Franchise Training and Ongoing Support


Franchisees will be trained by the Franchisor, and all aspects of running the business will be dealt with in the training programme. The training programme consists of a two to three-week course.

Ongoing Franchise Support

Apart from the initial training and ongoing support, the following is a summary of the obligations of the franchisor to the franchisee:

  • The franchisor will disclose to the franchisee the Noise Boys business format and supply the necessary operations manuals required to successfully operate Noise Boys.
  • The franchisor will supply the franchisee with details of enhancements or improvements concerning the Noise Boys business format.
  • The franchisor will provide initial training solutions for the franchisee and his staff.
  • Provide the franchisee with advice and guidance on good housekeeping practices and propose improvements.
  • The franchisor will supply the distinctive style of all décor, signage, stationary, clothing and promotional items and ensure that its application is consistent throughout the network of franchisees.
  • The franchisor may cede or assign any of his rights and obligations without the consent of the franchisee.
  • The franchisor will communicate with franchisees news- worthy issues relating to the franchise network, market developments and updates on the franchise programme development through a newsletter.
  • The franchisor will continuously negotiate with suppliers on stock, merchandise and equipment in order to find improved financial benefits and opportunities for the franchise network.
  • The franchisor will be the guardian of the quality and reputation of the franchise network and take such action as necessary to avoid any harm being done to Noise Boys by any of the appointed franchisees.