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The T4 is not a normal aspirated car, the turbo is fitted on, what is called a "turbo branch" or manifold, this means that atmospheric pressures does not play a part on your Volvo, it also means that a branch will not work on your car.

There is whoever good news on the rest of your exhaust!! We are able to fit an exhaust that will deliver what you are looking for. On a T4 we have been able to gain as much as 14Kw!!

This you will be able to feel! In a nut shell, do not touch the branch and let us only do the system for you. For more info phone Danus on 012 335 5857/8 (he did the development on the T4)

There are so many options (3 box, 4 box, ect.) that it would be better for you to phone or visit one of our branches.

On the VR6 I would think twice before installing a branch it is in my opinion that the freeflow makes the biggest deference (around 8kw) and the contribution of the branch manifold (around 3kw-5kw - I think ) does not way up to the cost.

I have a 1996 Toyota Conquest 130. I wish to put in a Air Filter that will give better fuel consumption and performance as well as give that crisp engine sound. Do you stock these filters for 1.3L cars and what name and what price? If you do not have the air filters, what exhaust do you recommend? Not one that is too loud and one that will last?

Air filters: there are many "names" on the market, I surgest the cone tipe of filters in most casses and defnitaly on the 1300 Toyota . As a rule we do not stock these items but can get them for you.

I recomend you take your Conquest to one of our branches lets say in Centorion, Hatfield, in Town, Silverton, Pretoria North, van der Hoff rd or Gezina. they will advise you on the system to fit.

Here is my guidlines. Do not go thicker than 50mm and do not go below 45mm. If it is sound you whant you should stick to 50mm. Boxes I would surgest 2 boxes. Stainless steel for something that last long, do not even consider Aluminised steel as the life expectensy is between 12 months and 20 months. I also surgest two medium size boxes for sound and not the big ones the Conquest normaly takes.

We also have a wide range of tailpipes to choose from , some are on spesiaal as we speak!! (not incl in price)
Please send me your phone number and I will make sure someone phone you.

Yes we can do! Phone one of our branches and they will help you, some also stock racing air filters at very good prices.

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