About Noise Boys


"We see Noise Boys competing across the world, setting the benchmark for service in the automotive industry." "We see busy outlets where customers are keen to enjoy our service. Our franchisees are always on the floor; they don't hide in their offices. We see them listening to customers, listening to employees, motivating and radiating energy and enthusiasm. We see customers leaving our shops with smiles of satisfaction."

About Noise Boys, Noise Boys


"We are in business to serve and service is our business." In this respect there is no difference between our mission as franchisors and the mission we have for individual franchises.

"We sell service in the automotive industry." Our service consists of the efficient way in which we match the product to the customer. Our job is only complete when a satisfied customer refers a new one to us.

This indicates very clearly that our product is first and foremost “service to our customers”.

Noise Boys Aims

To provide the best quality products at the most affordable prices and to render the most outstanding service in South Africa.

Noise Boys Promise

“Service - what a pleasure”


Noise Boys subscribes to the following values: 

  • We lead from the front.
  • We go for the optimum solution.
  • We take trouble to instil our culture of service in all franchisees.
  • We believe that quality of workmanship is a testimony of the quality of our people.
  • We believe that quality of our people is a testimony of the right treatment, recruitment, training, and support.
  • We serve people who understand that technology is first and foremost a people business.
  • We believe that service and technology are an undivided unity in Noise Boys.
  • We serve with credibility.
  • We believe in aggressive, strategic marketing.


The Noise Boys concept is based on the strategy that market share must be won in specific, identified areas, and that outlets then be established and settled in these areas. Subsequently, the Noise Boys strategy calls for a countrywide expansion programme. Once this has been achieved, Noise Boys intends entering the international market using the same modus operandi. To ensure that an idea is captured and retained, it is essential to provide high quality, affordable products and unequaled service in order to contain and regulate prices.