History of Noise Boys

History, Noise Boys
Noise Boys Voortrekkers Road, Gezina 1994

Although the first Noise Boys Fitment Centre was established only in 1994, the desire, the imagination, the perseverance, the enthusiasm and the confidence to own a successful company and to establish a countrywide network had already developed in the childhood dreams of the founders.

This deep-seated desire kept them constantly on the lookout for the perfect idea – an idea which would ultimately lead to the realisation of their dream. After much deliberation they decided to establish their own company.

There were various good reasons for their decision, the following of which were paramount: the identification of a niche market where the customer could benefit more from the exhaust system provided, as well as from the highly competitive prices offered. The basic principle was to bring the exhaust manufacturer to the customer.

Using high quality, universal silencers from top manufacturers, as well as specialist equipment, Noise Boys exhaust systems are built and assembled on site at all outlets. This method contributes to keeping stock levels dramatically down which in turn leads to lower prices to the customer.

At the same time, the opportunity to offer the customer more than simply repairing an exhaust system arose. Customers’ requirements, such as better fuel consumption, sound, power delivery, etc. could now also be addressed.

Several other factors played a role in the founding of the business. These included the effect of a weak economy which led to motorists having to drive second-hand vehicles for longer, resulting in increased maintenance requirements.

Other elements contributing to the founding of Noise Boys were:

  •  The application of the business principles which the founders hold in high esteem in order to provide the service which they feel their customers deserve;
  • That honesty is non-negotiable, ensuring that no customer’s ignorance will be exploited and that they will not be overcharged; and
  • That the validity of their warranty / guarantee is underwritten by a high quality product supplied at the most affordable price.

In 2005, Noise Boys diversified into the servicing of vehicles.  This was the result of the introduction of lead-free fuel and the use of catalytic converters which prolonged the life of exhaust systems.  The founders also identified the severe need for affordable, professional vehicle servicing.